Still no 1-4-13 Staff Report

Still no BOD meeting minutes since 9/27/12

Last Quad AAC still listed as current AAC

Newly elected Independent not added and resigned independent not removed.

Basically for someone with skills, the simple updates are too much?  But I see by Facebook that they are moving ahead with bringing out the hand-me-down mascot with the trademarked photo this weekend.  Maybe someone should have asked members what would make a good mascot and not just made it an eagle because someone gave them a costume.

Ballots were due by 12/16/12 - no announcement of winners. In fact, one thing Askinas did in elections was to allow candidates to send in statements, something I did not see for either the USOC AAC election or the AAC election:

USOC AAC Rep Candidates:

In order for a ballot to be considered valid, you must vote for two (2) candidates. Rank your top candidate with a “2”. Your second candidate must be from the opposite gender and ranked with a “1”. Please note, your top candidate should receive the most points (2). Nominees, in alphabetical order, are below:


____ Nia Abdallah ____ Lynda Laurin

____ Jesus Armendariz ____ Diana Lopez

____ Charlotte Craig ____ Mark Lopez

____ Luke Ford ____ Steven Lopez

____ Lauren Hamon ____ Chris Martinez

____ Rudford Hamon ____ Paige McPherson

____ James Howe ____ Bernard Posey

____ Terrence Jennings ____ Michael Tang

____ Stephen Lambdin


The winner has some large shoes to fill and one hopes that the new rep will work as hard, even in light of major obstacles, to improve the USAT for its athletes.


From a post by Bagehot on TKDtoday:
Eric Parthen: Memberships has not been a priority for USAT and that needs to change. Staff is now contacting members when membership is about
to expire. Staff are looking at other system than Hang‐A‐Star. Membership Department will handle the safe athlete program. Value of membership is a communication challenge. The value of memberships needs to be improved and better communicated.

December 12, 2009: Mr. Askinas discussed Membership Development and the importance of new initiatives. Mr. Askinas asked the Board to look at methods of Membership Development, and suggested that Steven Thompson work together with a new Task Force that would study membership development. Mr. Lunn made a motion for the Chair to appoint a Membership Development Task Force and report back to the Board, and Mr. Padilla seconded it.


On November 22, 2012, the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) will be hosting the 3rd World Para-Taekwondo Championships in Aruba for athletes with arm disabilities consistent with the WTF rules.

2012 World Para-Taekwondo Championships Outline & Rules (click here)


Given that the deadline for application is October 20, 2012, USA Taekwondo (USAT) is calling for any interested athletes to contact John McAfee at john.mcafee@usa– or (719) 866-3624 by no later than Thursday, October 18.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Much ado is being made over reducing the number of GL codes on the Chart of Accounts and making the accounting simpler. Here is my prediction, once the next board comes on, there will be a revamp to add more GL codes. 

The reason I suggest this is that the BOD and specifically Marty Mankamyer and Brad Lunn were always (and rightfully) on the CEO and CFO that the financials were too simplified and they wanted more cost centers and more detail to determine what was working and what wasn't. So they took a simplified version and ADDED more GL Codes to expand the Chart of Accounts.

Round and round and round she goes.