Two articles from USAT Today critical of USAT and Safe Sport application - no comment from the Executive Director who has put out just 3 template letters to the membership during his tenurs.

USA TAEKWONDO ignores own rules to allow felon to compete

Most USAT members and probably not the ED are aware that the current BOD passed a Reinstatement Policy and Procedure regarding how someone gets off suspension.  Nowhere in it is the Executive Director canceling the suspension.  Nowhere in the bylaws description of duties of the Executive Director is unsuspending a Safe Sport suspension.  The difference between this case and the Lopez cases is that the Lopez's were not given interim suspensions.  The Code of Ethics does not provide for unsuspending anyone - only the USAT Reinstatement Policy and Procedures.

Taking aside the unsuspension so Metz could compete at USAT Nationals - the original complaint came in 3/13/17.  I personally sent the documents to USAT 4/26/17. He was not even suspended until 6/1/17.  It took less time for the ED to remove the suspension than it took to get it put in place. What is wrong with this picture?