Update on the issue of non-qualified referees being allowed to take the IR seminar in Mexico while those followed the rules were not allowed.
Unofficial is one referee somehow slipped through the cracks and was allowed to take the seminar. The rest were referees that PATU requested be allowed to take the seminar even though they also had not completed USAT requirements for that approval. In that this was a discussion between Keith Ferguson and PATU. I don't know what was gained in exchange. There are rumors all over the place it was in exchange for the US Open continuing to keep its G2 status.
Here is my POV. The Executive Director should be aware of the how his own system works. It is inexcusable that he did not know that this would cause an uproar bypassing the rules for whatever gain for the USAT. There is a process and a chain of command and it was all tossed to the wind. So how does he believe that there will be trust in the future.? In case no one noticed, referee numbers have been shrinking for years and USAT has done almost nothing to regain the respect for the referees and their corps.
What is the point of having rules and regs if they are ignored when the right person asks for it? What was the Quid Pro Quo?  and was it worth the loss of credibility with the oh-so-necessary referee corps?