If you haven't guessed, I am getting a little tired of problems which were supposedly solved years ago and keep cropping up.

Apparently, allegedly and all that, referees are complaining that a lower level referee from New Jersey was approved by the USAT to go to Mexico and take the IR seminar. I have heard he was a C and I have heard he was a D, but no one says he is an A-1 which as I remember is what is required for the USAT to recommend to the IR program.

How does this happen?  Do I even need to spell it out?  One of two things - a) incompetence and no one checked or b) someone thought no one would notice.  Really?  If b), someone at the USAT needs to remember there is this thing called Social Media.  People find out instantly who went and referees who have worked their way to A-1 and wanted to go are not happy.

This is not the first, second, third etc.  time this has happened.  In fact, I am hearing rumors on the Poomsae side it is really a mess.

Set up a policy and follow it.  If someone comes and wants a favor - USAT - asked yourself, is it worth the negative publicity you are going to get when a lower level USAT rank shows up in the IR suit? USAT needs good referees and it needs more of them.  Incidents like this tend to upset referees and others who then don't trust the USAT.

If this sounds simplistic - that is my intent.  This is not rocket science and they are not children.  This should be the simplest of issues. Check rank - if not A1 - don't approve.