Recently I had occasion to have to go back and review a ton of material on Sexual Harassment and Safe Sport matters. It took a very long time. I won't go into why, right now anyway.
I had a couple of thoughts as I went through a lot of history, long gone and recent. I was struck by how in some cases the arrests or outing was totally out of the blue and more disturbing those that everyone knew it was just a matter of time.
In the last year a couple incidents came out that a large number of people knew. They shunned this person, but they didn't report him. Obviously the USAT Safe Sport program doesn't work. For all the background checks and documents and all that, no one turned him in until after an arrest had been made. Obviously USAT has not gotten that point across.
I was also amazed how many on the list I know. Kind of scary in a way.
Lastly my personal rant. USOC and USAT is doing their part terminating those who have been found to have preyed on others in our organization - some taking much longer than others. However, once that person has been removed from the USAT, all it has done is to shrink the pool of potential victims.
Some never repeat the crime. On the other hand, .....
What I find very interesting , especially ones who have done jail time, it amazes me that they immediately in many cases, just go open another school. Last week in a discussion came across two more not from USAT who are on the Sex Offender Registry that have martial arts schools. For all the protestations of protecting their children, the first thing they do when searching for a TKD school is not checking the Sex Offender Registry. They assume that if someone is teaching, they are safe. I don't know who they think vets them, but the states do not prevent it. The Federal Government does not prevent it. Who do they think is policing this?
I wonder why the USOC and other organizations are not pushing for legislation to bar those on the sex offender registry, especially those there for abuse of children) from being able to mar the name of sports by allowing those already convicted from being in a position to repeat the crime.
One of the big mysteries of life right now. I just don't get it.