Dear Taekwondo Family,
Hello and I hope this message reaches you in great spirit and health.  This is our 20th Year Anniversary for the International Taekwondo Festival!  What started as the World Taekwondo Festival turned to the LA Open Championship, then Young In Cheon Invitational and now proudly name International Taekwondo Festival.  I would like to thank all of the hardworking Referees, Masters, Coaches and Athletes for supporting my championship every year.  You are to thank for the success of the ITF and I appreciate you all.
We are honored to announce Dr. Un Yong Kim will be our special guest this year as we celebrate Taekwondo being in the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.   Dr. Kim's lifelong dedication to Taekwondo inspires us all and we must thank him for helping Taekwondo be in the Olympic Games.  Please join us at the Welcome Dinner Banquet being held on Friday, May 24th at the Pacific Palms Resort.
To celebrate our 20th year anniversary, I am taking a 20 member team to compete in Korea to represent USA.  Senior Black Belt sparring division in each weight category first place winners will get an all expense paid trip to compete in Korea!  We will also have WTF format Competition Poomsae, Sparring and regular Individual Poomsae.  Good luck to everyone!
I hope you will join me in May as we come together to compete, appreciate and celebrate Taekwondo at its finest!
YI Cheon
Young In Cheon
Tournament Director
2000 USA Olympic Team Head Coach

 “To All Poomsae National team members of the past World Championships,


As you all know USAT has been going through some major changes in the last few months.  With the appointment of a new interim CEO, the election of the new Board of Directors and the appointment of a new National Team Coach, there are  certainly many changes going on with our NGB.  Along with all these changes USAT has also taken account that Poomsae is a major asset to the organization and the athletes that have dedicated themselves to this discipline of our sport have become a valuable resource for them.  The Athletes Advisory Council which has traditionally been comprised of only sparring discipline athletes is now also looking to expand their representation to include Poomsae athletes.


At this time the AAC is calling for an election of two Poomsae athletes to join the council.  Unfortunately the process of having this happen is on an extremely tight time schedule.  The final election must be completed by Monday April 1st in order for the Poomsae representatives to be involved in the selection of the AAC representatives to the USAT Board of Directors.  Lynda Laurin, the current USOC Athlete representative, has been given the task of facilitating this election and has reached out to us for our cooperation in getting this important assignment done.  Because Poomsae is a relatively new discipline for Taekwondo on a World level, the criteria for being eligible to run for this position and vote in the election will be based on participation at the World Poomsae Championships.  Any athlete who is 18 years or older and has competed at any WTF World Poomsae Championship since 2006 is eligible to submit their name as a candidate for the AAC Poomsae position.  Please notify Lynda Laurin at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of your intent to run for the position no later than  tomorrow, Saturday March 30th by 11:59 PM, MDT. This needs to be done immediately so that she can include candidates who wish to run on a ballot which will then be sent to all eligible voters. All completed ballots (votes) must then be submitted back to Lynda Laurin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than Sunday March 31st by 11:59PM, MDT.


I understand that this is very short notice for an election of our representatives, but some circumstances just cannot be avoided.  The main issue here is that we have an opportunity to have representation on the AAC and can help to  bring more awareness to the sport we have all dedicated ourselves to.  Please take the time to be involved with the next step in getting Poomsae the recognition and representation in our NGB that we have all been working towards.  This is an opportunity to move forward with USAT as it begins to restructure itself into a better NGB to serve Taekwondo in the US.


Thank you for being a part of this process,


David J. Turgeon

CT Chung Do Kwan


50 Parum Rd.

Colchester, CT  06415


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Although, supposedly the candidates have not been notified regarding who is on the ballot, this letter went out this evening from Master Ji Ho Choi. There is a paragraph at the end that I am curious about where he asks members to register as coaches and then register their schools. I think the implication is that you then have two votes. I am not sure that is correct. The school may have a vote but someone else might have to vote it. The letter:

February 27, 2013        

Dear Taekwondo Family and Friends,

I hope this message finds you in good health and spirit!

I am, humbly reaching out to you to solicit support for my candidacy.

With unprecedented support from my colleagues and advisors, I have made an important decision to submit my candidacy for the office of Club Director in the upcoming USA Taekwondo's Board of Directors election.

For the past five years, my current position, as the PATU president, has given me the privileged opportunity to develop taekwondo throughout the 42 member PATU national federations; including USA-Taekwondo.  As I launch another exciting five year term in the PATU organization, I believe that taking partnership with USAT leadership would not only enrich the  presence of the 42 member PATU nations, but it would also foster better relationship among all the member nations. I offer my candidacy because I am confident that my extensive experience and knowledge can bring forth improvements to increase membership, strengthen athlete and referee development to initiate progressive reform efforts to elevate USTA to a leading National Governing Body in the Pan Am Continent.

I will begin by utilizing my substantial resources to embark on a campaign to seek and secure strong sponsorship base for USAT. I also look forward to enhancing our relationship with WTF to unify our effort to bring about great success at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. In addition, I would facilitate greater objective towards developing a strong U.S. Team for the Rio Olympic Games and to petition WTF to bring World Championships into U.S. venue in near future to promote greater interest and popularity of sport Taekwondo in the U.S.

Furthermore, my work with IOC representative organizations, Pan Am Sport Organization (PASO) and Association of Pan Am Sport Confederations (ACODEPA) as an elected member of the Executive Board would provide USAT with global presence to support USAT by coordinating international training programs to develop elite athlete and coach programs.

Finally, it is imperative that USAT make extensive commitment to strengthen State Associations. State Presidents and club directors are the core foundation that builds membership, one student at a time; they must be recognized and appreciated for their dedicated grass root efforts.  I believe that it is time for all USAT and Non-USAT members to put their differences aside and continue to work towards to advance and secure the sport of Taekwondo as one of the best among 25 core sports in the Olympic Program.

Together, we can help Taekwondo become the most valued and celebrated sport of USOC. Please, give yourself and your students the right to representation by registering your school with USA Taekwondo. The deadline to register is Saturday, March 02, 2013. You can register yourself as an individual COACHING member, and register as a club owner under your school's membership by visiting Your registration will not only give you the power of a vote, but you will also be the important voice of future of taekwondo. Register today.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I thank you in advance for your support, and your trust in me to represent you and taekwondo.  I look forward to working closely with you in the near future.


Grand Master Ji Ho Choi
President, Pan American Taekwondo Union
Executive Council Member, WTF
Executive Board Member, ACODEPA  - TO DO List for Cananda

Jan 18, 2013, 5:26 PM ET

ATTENTION: All USA Athletes who are planning on competing at one of the upcoming INTERNATIONAL OPEN events must obtain the new WTF Global Athlete License (GAL) in order to compete. Please note, all future INTERNATIONAL WTF SANCTIONED EVENTS will require a GAL as required by the WTF.

  • Trelleborg Open - Trelleborg, Sweden: February 9-10
  • Alexandria International Open - Egypt: February 20-24
    • **If you plan to compete in the Trelleborg Open or Alexandria Int. Open please submit the application and documents by Friday, January 25, 2013 by 5:00pm MST
  • German Open - Hamburg, Germany: March 8-10
  • Dutch Open - Eindhoven, Netherlands: March 15-17

In order to obtain a GAL the cost is $30 paid to USAT, which USAT will then pay to the WTF, and you must be a current USAT member.

Complete the GAL application and submit all required documents to USA Taekwondo attn: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

No faxed or mailed documents will be accepted. You must email the application and all required documents to USA Taekwondo.

As a reminder, USA ATHLETES do not need the GAL to compete in the 2013 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships.

GAL Application (click here)