Jim and Brent from Brentwood want all their TKD friends that they missed at Jimmy Kim's event to know they are not only still around but very involved in Taekwondo. While they did not do the USAT Nationals this year - lots of political and legal stuff - they have been working TKD events, including AAU Nationals, JKI and will be in Fort Worth doing Grandmaster Park's annual event in two weeks.

They are busier than ever and wanted to let the USAT TKD world know that they are still around and still doing quality photography for TKD athletes, students and parents!

From the Sport Taekwondo Referee Primer by Greg Kailian:

"There’s another issue involved here, and that’s the officials’ learning curve.  For most everyone on the floor and in the stands, the PSS either scores a point, or it doesn’t.  However, different PSS handle scoring anomalies differently, and these situations often take place at the last second of a round, or a match, when matches are frequently won or lost by a single, frantic point.  And usually, officials aren’t informed about the technical peculiarities of the PSS being used unless they ask one of the technicians. Hopefully,  the technician is an English speaker, fluent enough to understand the question.  For example, how does the PSS in use handle “boundary scoring?” How does the PSS, or any electronic hogu scoring system, handle those situations that take place when two fighters collide and a point sometimes scores; or fighters score on themselves; or fighters fall to the mat and points go up; or, if the pants cuffs or booties are soaked in water/perspiration? Officials need to be educated about the limitations of the particular PSS in use because they may have to sleuth out and de-conflict technical problems that could develop.  If a coach video challenges, or a corner judge stands, ring officials must know what actually happened (or probably happened) with the PSS in order to knowledgeably correct an unusual situation and quickly adjust the score. There are many other variables that could be mentioned, but hopefully, USAT will field the most reliable system for the sake of the competitors and coaches."


So Vision is the vendor at us open. They announced that all gear must be wtf certified to compete. They then announce that Vision is not wtf certified....lol I'm sure vision appreciates that.

From a club owner/reader:

"I still can’t log into tkd today. Here’s a little something to post though. I have a couple of students who are registering with the USAT for the first time. They are having trouble getting the USAT to accept their proof of citizenship documents. Apparently they have faxed them in as requested but keep getting told that they need to resend them. They have tried calling the USAT, but the phone number listed on their application forms by Hangastar is the private number of some lady in CO. She says she wishes people would stop calling her and get the right number."

From admin - I can only log onto tkdtoday.999.org by using Safari, others can only by using Firefox - The Administrator has contacted tech support. And maybe USAT could increase membership if they fix that phone number. We all know certain people do not proof read, so it is nt surprising that the wrong number is posted "on their application forms by Hangastar."

With the US Open "Early Kick" (isn't that cute? Early Kick?) deadline a week away, the numbers so far are 538 unique names, some competing in one or more events. 208 of them are female and 330 are male.