Basically when my contract is up with Lunarpages - this page will be gone.  It is simply too time-consuming with all I have on my plate to update two pages - this one and the Facebook.  Most people have already figured out that when I do post, it is on Facebook.

In the meantime - keep asking questions - Minutes are not posted in the two period as required by the USOC Hearing Panel Ruling.  What minutes are posted are completely devoid of information. The May meeting talks about having the constituent election in September and the Nominating Committee was to come up with a report - it is 2 days until September - which is ridiculous in the first place.  Additionally having all actual USAT constituent members but the athlete expire and renew means that members get to "vote" every four years and then only a small portion of those members.  Independent governance has failed. Period. Since taking over has there been any communication with the members from this Independent dominated board?  Anyone seen a strategic plan?  It has been over a year since USAT members were afforded a glimpse of financials?