CH Rebuttal to JW Rebuttal (all comments beyond the colon were written and submitted by CH:
As most of you have seen online, there has been a shameless response to my initial release of information from the Master Tae S. Lee organization including Master Joe Whitworth.
Two days ago, the LMA Championship Facebook page announced that “Master Lee and his affiliated schools [which there are only 2 left at this point, one being Master Joe Whitworth’s school] dedicate this year’s LMA 2018 Championship to the victim-survivors of sexual-assault.” They claim that a “portion of the proceeds raised will be donated to support the survivors of sexual assault.”
Just 5 days before the tournament? They have been advertising this tournament since December 10, 2017 but make this proclamation just 5 days before the tournament, after my email exposing their scandalous actions, and after many, many schools from all over the Pacific Northwest have pulled-out of the tournament with full refunds. This seems a bit contrived. But I suppose that is good if my initial release of information prompted them to donate money to such a cause. I will be curious to learn the exact “portion” of their proceeds that they ultimately contribute.
Secondly, yesterday on Facebook Master Joe Whitworth posted a letter written by his Criminal Defense Attorney. In the first sentence the lawyer significantly discounts and diminishes the seriousness of the crimes that Robert Morrison is being charged with. King County court records show that Morrison is being charged (against several young girls who were 14 and 15 years old at the time) with
“3 counts of Rape of a Child and 1 count of Communication with a Minor for Immoral Purposes”
In his very first sentence in the 4-page letter, Master Whitworth’s attorney re-states these charges in his own words to say
“sexual communication with one student under the age of 18 and sexual intercourse with another female student under the age of 18.”
That is a gross mischaracterization of a 42 year old “teacher” committing countless acts of rape over the course of 18 months with a 14/15 year old student. That sentence just by itself negates the validity of the entire letter which, if you waste your time reading it like I did, is a heap of garbage.
Nothing in this letter rebuts any of the factual statements, backed-up by legal documents, that I provided in my first email. This letter is full of anger and threats to the person who sent that email, and then demands that the person stop releasing information and reveal their identity. This is a classic legal tactic to take the focus off of Master Joe Whitworth and his actions of endorsement, support, and protection of a child molester; and an attempt to redirect the attention and focus on the Whistleblower who exposed him.
I hope you all can see the mindset of people who support child molesters versus people who don’t.
This attorney includes no documentation backing up his stated “facts”. It is obvious that he is quite misinformed as to the actual facts of the Robert Morrison and Master Joe Whitworth situation. Getting information from the mouth of just one person and putting it into a legal letter is utterly reckless.
He should know better. This attorney should be disbarred and Master Joe Whitworth should get his money back.
I can assure you that I will continue to release information, in the form of factual truth backed-up with photographs and legal documents, as it develops. It will be duly noted as to who attends the LMA 2018 Championship this weekend and that information will likely be released once Robert Morrison is convicted of or pleads guilty to these crimes.
My rebuttal to their letter is simple: It’s not defamation if it’s true.
Thank you again for your time.