Very short meeting. I will say that Don Reynolds does a much better job of chairing the BOD than the previous chair. It does move more efficiently.

Apparently they were missing 2 of the 3 AAC members.

Already noted the Salt Lake City Dates for Nationals.US Open will be Jan 29- Feb 3rd in Vegas at the Westgate.

They did not acknowledge any of the questions.

Zoomed through the Executive Director's report which had no numbers on anything at all - including membership.

Zoomed through the Nominating Committee where there were 2 candidates for the vacant position - Judy Brown Clark was elected. Excuse any misspellings.

They approved Clark Hammond, also associated with USA Swimming, to chair of the Ethics Committee replacing Sari, the current chair. One of the recommendations was from Mr. Hess who says Mr. Hammond is a no-nonsense guy.

Audit Committee - no real comments. $31K ahead of last year due to expense cuts. Doing projections. Nothing exciting. No discussion of much of anything on it.

Governance Committee had no report.

Last piece of business before going to Executive Session - they are really fond of Executive Session - was the creation of a Safe Sport Working Group who would be charged with reviewing the document produced by USA Gymnastics attorney on the challenges and suggestions. The groups is to return next meeting with ideas, comments and suggestions on Safe Sport. Beth Pickney will chair the group, Nia Abadallah and Stephen Lambdin were drafted in their absence, Jesse Kuhns, and Ian Hardeman.

Meeting adjourned and they went to Executive Session.