In case you haven't picked up on my not so subtle hints, I am fed up.  I am fed up with lack of progress and the partiality shown to certain people.  The referees are ready to revolt and I was told last night membership is 8500 - which is even lower than Askinas days.

Enough already.  This is really not rocket science. Time to put the egos away and start doing what needs to be done. 

I started TKD in 1973. I started in 1997, twenty years ago and I am still writing the same stuff.  Enough already!

BTW - where are the 990's?  And even though Keith Ferguson promised at the so called Annual Meeting designed to keep people from attending, minutes were to be posted in 15 days.  Hasn't happened.  Hear there was a secret Executive Session - where is fhat posted?  BTW posting a DRAFT version a month later does not cut - and where is the Consent Agenda?  the financials?  everything which is supposed to be posted with Minutes?

This is the simple stuff and it still cannot be done in a reasonable fashion.

And to my knowledge in almost 18 months that have been all of 3 notes from the Executive Director.  Where is the transparency?  And I don't mean that rah rah stuff he posted. 

All the constituent positions on the BOD come up in 2018.   Someone start looking for candidates who know the bylaws, who understand non-profit governance - understand Safe Sport. Not the most popular coach, referee club member etc...  And someone explain how the Affiliated Director was NEVER elected but has sat on this board with no elections, no opportunity for Military to take the spot. Explain who in their infinite wisdom thought a 6 year term for the constituent members was a good idea - as well as not staggering constituents? 

So in addition to an Affiliated Director who has been on the BOD how many years with no election - the Chair of the BOD was not savvy enough to have the election of the independents who came up in 2016  - so when they held their Jan 2017 meeting, they were lucky to have a quorum and had to have someone else start the meeting so they could put themselves back on the BOD? and now a 6 year term? 6 years? April 2013 through Dec 31, 2018 and if they don't have an election - they changed the bylaws so that the same thing can happen. 

And USAT wonders why numbers are dropping and why people are so fed up - NO ELECTIONS WHERE ANY USAT MEMBER CAN VOTE between 2013 and the end of 2018?  really?  this is beyond ridiculous! 

As I remember this was a unanimous vote - wonder why - self-perpetuating board? 

Considering what is going to break in the news in a matter of a couple weeks - or so, this organization had better get ready for the rock and roll - and just think, the article will be out just before Nationals so there will be a big topic of conversation.

Frankly, it is time for every BOD member that did not protest the lead of said story had better consider resigning, especially whomever was chair last year during the Olympics and didn't even know he was not a director on Jan1 because they deleted crucial terms - as in two words - .  Everyone of you could have voted to countermand the Executive Director by the bylaws. And the Executive Director should consider leaving with them.

This is all just too discouraging. Who is really in charge of this asylum?