BOD Meeting Tonight.
The January Board of Directors Quarterly Meeting will take place on January 24, at 7pm ET.
The telephone number for the public session of the meeting is below.
Call in #: 866-590-5055 Access Code: 9760372
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In the case of unexpected consequences, remember how I commented they needed to re-elect the BOD spots that expired 12/31/16 back in December, but they ignored it? Guess what?
In one of the changes to the bylaws, they deleted a very important line regarding the tenure of Directors - re: Section 7.8 a
Section 7.8. Tenure.
a. The term of office for a director of the Board shall generally be four (4) years, except that the initial term of Members whose seats are added at times other than an otherwise standard election may be determined by the Board in its discretion so as to provide generally equal overlapping sets of Directors. A director shall hold office until the director’s term expires or, if earlier, the director’s resignation, removal, incapacity, disability or death.
Think about it. It will come to you. No election for those 4 people expiring, including replacing two who did not want to continue.
"A director shall hold office until the director's term expires or"
The line deleted included a provision that a Director shall hold office UNTIL REPLACED.
Unintended consequences, the Chair of the BOD who did not schedule elections and the Chair of the Governance Committee are no longer on the BOD by the bylaws they revised.
They can be re-elected at tonight's meeting but I don't see how the Chair can run the meeting since he is not a Director as of 1/1/17.
Nothing ever changes here. my site has been in existence since 1997, I was truly hoping I would not have to point all these kind of things out.
Same old...