Had a very interesting conversation this afternoon. I learned that Grandmaster Greg Kailian has decided to hang up his active dobok and retire.
He has met his goals, including 9th degree, and has decided that it is time for himself and perhaps some of the older members of the higher ranks to step aside and give the younger ranks a chance to improve their lot.
Our sport's culture favors the senior, sometimes to the detriment of the juniors who follow behind. Juniors are not always given the opportunities that seniors continue to take as their due. This has created a gap in our pipeline for the future generations.
GM Kailian will still be around but will not be officiating at US National or US Open competitions. It is his hope that this spot may be used to help train and allow junior the experience to improve their skills for the future.
He wishes you all well but feels at his age, it is time to step aside and allow others the opportunities. I think it takes a lot of courage to do that. I commend him but am also comforted that he will still be around for consultation and some WTF events.
Happy Retirement Greg!!!!!