Anyone notice the Annual Congress notification was done in time but only in the news section of the website?

Anyone notice that there is no real mechanism to ask questions?

The people literally at the Congress are going to be staff and BOD members as it is not open to the public and the notice doesn't have an address if it were - exactly how are people to supposed to ask Questions at the Congress? Everyone outside staff and BOD members will be MUTED. Or they un-mute all and let everyone talk over each other> This is poorly planned. Poorly executed and 15 minutes for questions? Anyone remember how long it took them to research the answers to last year's meeting because they didn't answer them at the meeting - 10 days to get them all answered and posted and there could be no discussion because of the way they did it. This is just insulting.

It is also endemic of the lack of communication from the USAT. The Executive Director has written 3 letters since March.  The BOARD meets quarterly and doesn't post minutes in anything like a reasonable amount of time. That is the fault of the BOD and not the staff.

From the announcement - "
USA Taekwondo’s 2016 Annual National Congress will take place on December 10 at 10am Eastern Time. "


10am               Board of Director’s Meeting
Midday            Annual National Congress (followed by 15 minute Q&A session)


So what time is it going to be?  How is it going to work? Or are they going to blow it all off again like last year?