Not on the actual calendar, but there is the notice.
Interesting but the bylaws say you may ask questions TO THE BOARD and the CEO - it does not say you can only ask questions for 15 minutes. Let's also not forget that it is required to state why they are going into executive session - which needless to say they have not. It seems like things are reverting to the pre-Section 10 hearing days.
I am very surprised they are not asking for the questions ahead of time. It also seems to me that with the constituents on mute, they can't ask questions. AND 15 MINUTES? for questions? really? Seems to me another attempt to mute the constituents.
Taekwondo constituents from the United States may participate and pose questions to the Executive Director in a Q&A session which will directly follow the Congress.
AGENDA (Eastern Time, all times subsequent to 10am are approximations)
10am Board of Director’s Meeting
Midday Annual National Congress (followed by 15 minute Q&A session)
2pm Closed session :
Section 10.1. Purpose.
There shall be an annual National Congress at which all individual and organization members and other Taekwondo constituencies shall gather and provide input to the Board of Directors on important issues confronting the organization. The Board shall coordinate to provide a report on the “State of the Union.” The Chief Executive Officer and Secretary General shall provide a managerial report addressing issues of concern and importance to USAT. Individual and organization members and other Taekwondo constituencies may pose questions to the Board and Chief Executive Officer for response. The annual National Congress shall be purely advisory and shall have no rule making, budgetary, legislative, or other authority. The Board shall determine the agenda of the annual National Congress. Notwithstanding the foregoing, an annual meeting of the voting members is not required.