There is only one week left till the 9th Annual US Poomsae Classic (formally the Northeast Technical Championships).  Be sure to register for one of the best poomsae only tournaments in the country.  Registration can be done online at


The US Poomsae Classic is run to encourage all levels of Taekwondo practitioners to strive toward the goal of bringing poomsae competition to the forefront of our sport. There will be divisions for both black belt and

color belt and for all ages during the tournament. A modified version of the WTF cut off system will be used to ensure all competitors have the opportunity to perform and be scored on at least two different poomsae. Color belt divisions will be able to choose for themselves what forms they wish to compete with. For Novice Color Belts(10 geup - 7th geup) repeating the same form through various rounds will be allowed. The Intermediate (6th geup - 3rd geup) and Advanced (2nd & 1st geup) Color Belt Divisions may choose any Taegeuk form to perform but will not be allowed to repeat the same form they have already done in a previous

round. There will also be an open pair/team division for any age and rank groups that wish to perform together. Our goal is to give all competitors valuable ring time and important feedback of their performances. New this Year - Open Freestyle Division - If you are interested please contact me.



Black belt competition will be done as it is in World Poomsae competition with the forms for each round chosen for the competitors at random from the designated set of compulsory forms for their respective divisions. Enclosed are the division breakdown and required forms for each age group. I have added divisions for under 11 so that they will also have the opportunity to compete and learn the new format. Please remember that in World Poomsae Format it is age, not rank, that designates what poomsae are required for the division. (i.e. 1st degree black belts in the 41-50 division must know up to

Chonkwon, 51 and up division must know Hansu, etc.) 


In addition to official divisions, the US Poomsae Classic will offer an Open Division for black belts who wish to compete using WTF black belt forms, but may not be familiar with the form requirements. (i.e.: A black belt age 31-40 may not be familiar with Sipjin, a poomsae requirement based on WTF standards.) By competing in the Open Division, the black belt may choose any two WTF recognized poomsae to perform (Taegeuk or Yudanja). It is important to note that the poomsae that the black belt chooses must be WTF recognized poomsae and they must be performed to standard and will be judged by the standard.

I do believe that this format is the best way to promote poomsae competition and include many more students in the thrill and excitement of competing in our sport. I extend a special invitation to all current and past US Poomsae Team members to compete at this tournament and hope to display their many talents to all present. Together we can improve the level of competition of our US Poomsae Team and give the United States a competitive edge at the world level.


Info packet is attached, if you have any questions please give me a call.  I look forward to seeing you on the 12th.


David J. Turgeon

CT Chung Do Kwan


50 Parum Rd.

Colchester, CT  06415


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