Just once it would have been nice if I did not have to quote the USAT bylaws to the world and presumably the staff and most importantly the Directors.  Just one year.... Guess this one is not the year.  I have looked on the USAT site for an announcement.  There have been references in past minutes about the Annual Congress- which btw is also mandated by Colorado Non Profit Corporate Law - and USAT generally schedules for a time when no one can attend.  Last year it ran all day with the meeting and the questions solicited by the BOD from the members were blown off and not done.  As one who sat about 12 hours on that call, I know.  They were answered in writing on the USAT site about a week later.  We are still waiting for the promised written answers to the 2015 questions which have never appeared and never will.

Just one year it would have been nice.  If the meeting is in November as it has been said at BOD meetings, then they have missed the 30 day notification.  And no - it is not on the calendar. Really? How hard is this?  2017 will be the 20th anniversary of this website's inception.  I would have hoped it to be unnecessary 20 years later.


Section 10.1.  Purpose.

There shall be an annual National Congress at which all individual and organization members and other Taekwondo constituencies shall gather and provide input to the Board of Directors on important issues confronting the organization.  The Board shall coordinate to provide a report on the “State of the Union.”  The Chief Executive Officer and Secretary General shall provide a managerial report addressing issues of concern and importance to USAT.  Individual and organization members and other Taekwondo constituencies may pose questions to the Board and Chief Executive Officer for response.  The annual National Congress shall be purely advisory and shall have no rule making, budgetary, legislative, or other authority.  The Board shall determine the agenda of the annual National Congress.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, an annual meeting of the voting members is not required.

Section 10.2.  Place.

The annual National Congress shall be held in conjunction with a meeting of the Board of Directors.

Section 10.3.  Notice.

Notice of the annual National Congress stating the place, date and time of the Assembly shall be posted on the website of USAT no fewer than thirty (30) days before the date of the meeting.