I see they are finally calling for the USOC AAC Rep and AAC Rep elections.
I do wish they had clarified that the pools for candidates for USOC AAC positions and the AAC positions are different. In fact, there are not members eligible to run for USOC AAC Rep. They did get the alternate part correct - alternate must be of the opposite sex.
By the same token, the voting pools for the two groups are also different. Again, there are cases where a former team member in qualifying events is no longer a member, but they can still run and they can still vote. Example - Mandy Meloon. No longer a member, but I believe her eligibility might run through 2016 since she left USAT in 2006 or she might have termed out last year.
I hope they give the qualification categories a lot of press as not every athlete can vote in the AAC election.
I also hope that candidates for these positions thing very carefully before applying. It takes time and requires attention. It is not just a title to add to your resume. If you are going to be training for the next Olympics - will you be able to take the meetings. The USOC AAC Rep and 2 AAC members also sit on the USAT BOD. So think carefully to see if you have the time and commitment the athletes deserve. 10 years after starting over, USAT finally has a set of AAC bylaws and finally posts the minutes of their meeting. They are supposed to open their meetings to any AAC who wants to listen, but maybe that will change and they will announce the meetings.

Usually I am kicking to get people to get involved. Now I begging people who are interested only to get the resume bling - or are not able to make meetings and fulfill the commitment - pass on this one please