The theme of this meeting should be Everything Old is New again.  Let's reinvent the wheel again, call it new and see if anyone even notices.

I was going to take my notes in order, but I will jump around a little.  13,500 members.  I think Askinas dropped below that, but 13,500 if pretty bad.  I found an email this am from Monica Paul showing 17,000 members in 2004 when USTU became USAT.  With Nationals numbers about the same as last year, I would have expected more than 13,500.

Continuing on my theme of Everything Old is New again - the fact that the USAT cannot learn the lesson about doing the best for the organization and not playing faves and cohorts etc..  Not to mention that the WTF members have been at this a long time.  They see USAT coming a mile away, especially with new leadership.  They and PATU love it when the new guy who doesn't know enough yet to know what he doesn't know comes along with ideas and promises and doesn't bring the savvy old Grandmaster who has been around long enough to know how these politics work.

The USAT will be represented at the WTF Summit - you know big meeting where they discuss things like new rules, policy changes, voting and stuff like that.  Those little things that end up biting USAT in the assets when they don't even understand the nuances.  So USAT is sending its Executive Director Keith Ferguson and lame duck, term limited USAT BOD Chair - INDEPENDENT who doesn't know TKD or few or any of these characters - Devin Johnson!  I can just see it now.

It is ironic that part of the ED report was about meeting with the WTF SG and PATU to discuss respect for the United States.  This is a "What Were They Thinking?" moment. Question of the Day - who is paying for the BOD Chair to jaunt off to Rio for the Olympics?  Anyone thought of the fact that these guys at the WTF who have been doing this for decades, initiating the newbies who think they can walk in and command respect - anyone think they do not know that Mr. Johnson is term limited and out the end of the year according to BOD sources?  So any promises he makes, mean nothing.  They will look at him, shake his hand and then dismiss him because he won't even be worth the time to cultivate his influence.

Referees - you will be happy to note that the Executive Director thought enough of you to include Referee Training in the list of problems to be solved column for USAT.

Did anyone know that a athlete at the event ended up in the hospital with Spinal Meningitis?

The ED brought up that the Austrailians have no desire to move into their quarters as there are no flushing toilets and no running water as of yet.  Things don't look good.  USOC put $20M into Olympics, Rio put in $7.4B and no flushing toilets yet in the athlete area.

Steven Lopez and Paige McPherson compete 8/19 and Jackie Galloway and Stephen Lambdin compete on the 20th.

Social metrics - USAT got 97,000 unique viewers on live stream.  I believe he said 10,000 more likes on Facebook.

They met with PATU and the WTF Secretary General to work on shaping future relationships with both.  Supposedly emphasized that if something is happening in the United States, we need to be involved.  He indicted they understood.  We will see.

Back to Nationals - few people attended the state president meeting.  Surprise Surprise, after seeing the slide show of the latest Strategic Plan, the reaction was something like "so"  Been there, Heard that, Nothing Changes, Prove it.  Which is my reaction too.

Kukkiwon and its new president are unresponsive.  Not surprising.

He spoke the right words about getting Membership Buy in - and then created all these committees etc.. making all committees BOD members - remember BOD is majority Independent which means they don't do TKD or belong to USAT.

Don Reynolds noted the skepticism but felt some people were won over.  My guess is they were being polite.

National Office - planning on having 17,500 members by end of year.  Don't get me started here. 

The High Performance plan for 2017 is due 15 days after end of Olympics. The HP for the rest of the quad by January 2017 - which is why it is important to have WTF Summit representatives experienced TKD people and not seat warmers.

ATA!!!  We have yet another agreement with ATA!!!  YAY!  They are going to take our seminars and compete in our events and this is really great!  They are excited!  Weren't they excited the last time when Herb Perez promised them his program and all that?  Weren't they supposed to join then?  How did that work out?  Two words I did not hear in that presentation, which I think by Ted Stevens should be there - AFFILIATED ORGANIZATION!  We will see.  If they are planning on 4,000 of their 300,000 members to join before end of year, well - let's be hopeful and positive even though there are no events before the end of the year.

The strategic plan and the business plan are to be posted on the website tomorrow.  As I remember in 2014, the Strategic Plan was supposed to be posted, so maybe 2 years is finally long enough for that to happen.

We have a NEW Dan Certification Plan - which is the old plan dusted off and given to the Grandmaster Society instead of the MAC Daddies this time.

USAT is short 3 staff members who will not be replaced until fall.

The Audit Chair will not be running for re-election. So the Financial Independent Spot will be open - Devin has already suggested some names.  Don Reynolds is going to re-election.  I can get behind that one.

Apparently they are just learning about how to run an AAC Election as well as the USOC AAC election.  FYI - USOC requires the plans to be submitted to them soon - been there, done that - Askinas took off for Beijing and it had not been approved.  I had to fix it. Apparently, the people involved in checking into how all this works - and it is not as easy as it sounds, are not on the AAC nor the USOC AAC nor the USOC AAC Committee which handles this and happens to have a member on the USAT AAC. Explain that one to me.

The USAT is still waiting on the $312,000 from Texas from last year. They have a Plan B if it does not arrive soon - which sounded like they want school owners to sell something.  Not sure.

The BOD had 2 issues for executive session - and called the meeting to an end.

I want to believe all this is going to work out.  But I too have been there, heard that, and saw no results.  I do hope they prove me wrong, but I do think that if you are going to roll out the Dan Certification Program I worked on with others, like John Holloway, you would at least put the details and the program on the website at the same time.  If you were going to bring in ATA  - again  - you would have made them an Affiliated organization - which they probably won't do as they might have to give them a board seat.