I waited to see if anyone would comment on financials, but alas.....

Income increased from $3,308,193 in 2014 to $3,459,293 about an $151,100 increase.  What is interesting to me about this is that while events increased $402,249, every other category lost money.

Events-  +$402,249

Membership - <$22,394>

Sponsorship and Royalties - <$37,652>

USOC Grants - <$170,817>

Dan Office - <$10,481>

Grants and Contributions - <$16,805>

So one might conclude membership dropped in 2015. One might also conclude that the majority of the profit came from membership participation in events, programs, camps, certifications, competitions.

In spite of that increase in income for events, Expenses for events was $248, 521 more than income from events.

Even though income from membership was down, membership expense was up $23,148. So think about that. Income from membership down $22,394 and the expense up $23,148.

Athlete, coaching and referees  - well they spent $45,388 less on you than they did in 2014.  Interesting.

General and Administrative Supporting Services went up just short of $100,000 - $95,138 to be exact. 

So the USAT brought in $3,459,293 in 2015 and spent $3,295,511 - ending with a positive $163,782 which I would consider better than ending in the red, but it is disturbing that the increase in income came from basically participating members, and the increase in expense was not to the participating members but to the administration.

The balance sheet still shows the Chopper inflating the value of the organization - still for sale, but it can't be sold. At least they do not appear to show the balance of the chopper that remains unpaid.

NGB funding dropped $167,302.

Challenge Grants decreased $5,000

Other Grants - increased $1,100

VIK rent increased $385

So USOC contributions decreased $170,817 since 2014.

Do keep in mind that the USOC did make direct athlete support payments of $160K in 2015 and $165K in 2014 - dropping $5k over the previous year.

"USAT is economically dependent upon grants from the USOC in order to maintain its programs at current levels."

The organization received $75K from its digital licensing agreement which is due to expire 12/31/2016.

It is an improvement over the days of being in the red, but I can't help but be disturbed over some of the trends identified above, especially the $95,138 in General Administration.