Good news/Bad News The 990's and the Financials are posted - that is the good news. The bad news is due to a USOC glitch the link for the Audited Financials doesn't work, just like half the AAC meeting minutes etc.....
The USAT a little more than doubled its net assets last year - increasing $163,782 since 2014.
USAT also increased wages paid $143,648.00. For those really curious - the sum of both CEO's in 2015 came to $154,356.00. BOD members (2) $2380.00 cumulatively.
The 990says 15,000 members and 500 clubs. 8000 competing athletes - Expense for competition and events - $2,118,636 with income for same of $1,828,376.
income versus expense on membership - $547,046 in expense and $735,234 in income - a $188,188 profit. At least on page 2. on page $571.666 in membership on page 9.
All those camps and seminars for coaches, referees and athletes were profitable - expenses $139,155 and income of $251,278.
More later.