Basically when my contract is up with Lunarpages - this page will be gone.  It is simply too time-consuming with all I have on my plate to update two pages - this one and the Facebook.  Most people have already figured out that when I do post, it is on Facebook.

In the meantime - keep asking questions - Minutes are not posted in the two period as required by the USOC Hearing Panel Ruling.  What minutes are posted are completely devoid of information. The May meeting talks about having the constituent election in September and the Nominating Committee was to come up with a report - it is 2 days until September - which is ridiculous in the first place.  Additionally having all actual USAT constituent members but the athlete expire and renew means that members get to "vote" every four years and then only a small portion of those members.  Independent governance has failed. Period. Since taking over has there been any communication with the members from this Independent dominated board?  Anyone seen a strategic plan?  It has been over a year since USAT members were afforded a glimpse of financials? 

CH Rebuttal to JW Rebuttal (all comments beyond the colon were written and submitted by CH:
As most of you have seen online, there has been a shameless response to my initial release of information from the Master Tae S. Lee organization including Master Joe Whitworth.
Two days ago, the LMA Championship Facebook page announced that “Master Lee and his affiliated schools [which there are only 2 left at this point, one being Master Joe Whitworth’s school] dedicate this year’s LMA 2018 Championship to the victim-survivors of sexual-assault.” They claim that a “portion of the proceeds raised will be donated to support the survivors of sexual assault.”
Just 5 days before the tournament? They have been advertising this tournament since December 10, 2017 but make this proclamation just 5 days before the tournament, after my email exposing their scandalous actions, and after many, many schools from all over the Pacific Northwest have pulled-out of the tournament with full refunds. This seems a bit contrived. But I suppose that is good if my initial release of information prompted them to donate money to such a cause. I will be curious to learn the exact “portion” of their proceeds that they ultimately contribute.

It took awhile, a long while, to get the page back up.  I do recommend that anyone reading this switch to the facebook version as with all I have on my plate, updating two of these gets to be a little time consuming.

I received the following rebuttal to the Corrine Harrington letter on Robert Morrison who was suspended by USAT via Safe Sport issues.  Mr. Whitworth is a friend of Mr. Morrison.

Everyone, please keep in mind Safe Sport is NOT a criminal legal process except for mandatory reporting.  One can be suspended by Safe Sport without ever being arrested.  I just don't think people really understand the process.  I personally think that while I appreciate that one could and should be loyal to their friends.  Get it. However, when one is dealing with a Safe Sport issue and one has children they are charged with protecting them.  Since this is not a USAT sanctioned event as far as I am aware, doesn't matter who does what when or where.  However, one should also not be surprised when others question the same decisions.

Here is the letter that came out this morning replacing the first draft I got last night.  I am always happy to post the other side.  For the record, as long as Mr. Morrison is not associated with any sanctioned USAT clubs, schools, events I am not aware that anyone is violating USAT or Safe Sport. If one, and I am not aware of this being the case, were having Mr Morrison involved in classes, tournament etc..  I would think that this probably ill-advised.  I have reached out to the email address I had for the original author Corrine, but have had no answer.


Congratulations Executive Director McNally!  At last someone who communicates!